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A tutti gli studenti interessati.

Last year we took part in a project called "Videomaking's Fun!" that was launched by Mrs. Campanale.
The goal was to make videos based on sequences taken from one of the movies we watched during the school year.

After watching the films we worked in groups to analyse the scripts. Each group then chose a sequence to shoot in video. Everybody participated by interpreting an assigned role.

The video recording was great fun and it was also a pleasant way to enrich our vocabulary.

We hope that this kind of project can continue, because it's a beautiful experience and a good way for classmates to improve their friendships.





                                         La Dirigente scolastica
                                              Cesira Militello

Firma autografa sostituita a mezzo stampa ai sensi dell’art. 3 comma 2 del D. Lgs. 39/1993